How much horsepower does a 352 engine have?

In 1960 Ford created a high-performance version of the 352 rated at 360 horsepower (270 kW) it featured an aluminum intake manifold, Holley 4160 4-barrel (4-choke) carburetor, cast iron header-style exhaust manifolds, 10.5:1 compression ratio, and solid lifters.

Is a Ford 352 a good motor?

If you’re talking about one of the Ford FE engine 352s (made from 1958 to 1976), then yes, it’s a very good engine. as used in the AC Cobra by Carroll Shelby and the Le Mans dominating Ford GT40 . In the day, the 352 was the “Intercepter Special V8” motor used by police departments everywhere.

How much horsepower does a Ford 352 have?

Engine Specifications

The Ford 352 is considered a big block engine. The bore and stroke are 4.0 by 3.5 inches. The compression ratio for the 220-horsepower engine is 8.9:1.

When did Ford stop making the 352?

The 352 and 410 were dropped after 1966, and the 390 and 428 continued as the only FE engines in passenger-car production from 1968 through 1970. The FE had been dropped from passenger-car use by 1971, but the 360 and 390 versions remained extremely popular in pickup trucks through the 1976 model year.

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Is a Ford 352 block the same as a 390?

All share the same 4.05-inch bore, with displacement varying according to stroke. The only real difference here is the crankshaft. The 410 Mercury is a 428 crankshaft in a 390 block. The 360 for trucks is a 352 crank in a 390 block.

What vehicles had a 352 engine?

352 engine configurations and applications

  • 1960 Ford.
  • 1960 Edsel.
  • 1960 Ford Thunderbird.

Is a Ford 352 Y block?

No. The Y block was 292 and 312s. The FE block (called so because it was featured in the Ford Edsel) includes 332s, 352s, 360s, 390s, the elusive 410, 427s, and 428s. Ford even had a 483 on the drawing board but scrapped the production when NASCAR imposed a limit on displacement for engines during the muscle car era.

What is a 352 FE?

Created in displacements from 332 cubic inches to 428 cubic inches the FE engine was the workhorse for many Ford trucks. … Located just outside Louisville, KY, the $200 engine was a complete 1966 352 out of a Ford F100. It had a two-barrel intake with an Autolite carburetor.

Did Ford make a 352 Cleveland?

Everything You Need to Know About Ford’s 351 Cleveland Powerhouse Powerplant. … Ford had been aggressively updating its engine lineup. Existing engines grew in displacement; the 352 grew to 390 ci, then 406, 427, and 428.

How much horsepower does a Ford 427 have?

Specifications. The Ford 427 Cammer produced 616 horsepower with single four-barrel carburetor and 657 horsepower with dual four-barrel carburetors. This made the engine one of the most powerful engines to come out of Detroit during the octane-fueled 1960s.

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What does FE stand for on a Ford engine?

FE (which means “Ford Engine,” not Ford-Edsel, nor Ford Engineering) variety comes from a broad selection of bore and stroke sizes to achieve cubic-inch displacements. The 332 and 352 are fraternal twins, virtually identical engines with 4.00-inch bores.

How much horsepower can you make out of a 302?

Standard Ford 289 and 302 small-blocks were factory-rated between 200 and 230 hp. The vaunted 289 High-Performance engine was said to make 271 hp. Today, if a 302 Ford makes 360 hp on pump gas with a hydraulic cam, most experts consider it to be a pretty good motor-at least until Joe Sherman steps up to the plate.

Are all FE blocks the same?

Ford FE engine blocks used for performance builds are generally selected from one of three groupings: 390, 428, and 427. While other blocks are out there, these three are the foundation for the vast majority of high-performance street and track applications.

How do I identify a Ford 429 Cobra Jet engine?

If you see a “4U” or “4UA” marking, you’ve found a 429 crank with 3.590-inch stroke. If you see “2Y” or “3Y,” you’ve found a 460 crank with a 3.850-inch stroke. A 429 Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet crank will have a Brinell hardness-tested dimple mark in the first counterweight.

What are Ford’s engine sizes?

Horsepower & Torque

Engine Horsepower Torque
2.7L EcoBoost® Twin-Turbocharged V6 325 HP 400 lb-ft
3.0L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V6 250 HP 440 lb-ft
5.0L Ti-VCT V8 400 HP 410 lb-ft
3.5L EcoBoost® Twin-Turbocharged V6 400 HP 500 lb-ft
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