How many miles will a Hemi engine last?

5.7 Hemi engines are good for 250-300 000 miles and more if properly cared for and regular maintenance is carried out. Early models suffered from valve seat issues which were rectified after 2008. It’s not uncommon to find high mileage 5.7 Hemi trucks running around today.

Is the 5.7 Hemi engine reliable?

5.7 HEMI Reliability

Overall, the 5.7L HEMI is a stout and reliable engine. It’s certainly not the most reliable engine in the world. It’s also miles ahead of the least reliable. There’s good reason the Chrysler 5.7L has powered some flagship cars for nearly two decades.

Is the Dodge Hemi a good engine?

While no engine is entirely free of problems, the Hemi family of engines is generally very reliable. For example, the 5.7 Hemi engine has been in production for nearly 20 years, and the most prominent issue it has is known as the “Hemi tick.” This issue is the result of lifter-bearing failure.

What is the most reliable Hemi engine?

6.4-Liter Hemi V-8

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many complaints about this engine, making it one of the most reliable options for the brand to-date.

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Should I buy a Ram 1500 with 200k miles?

There is a big difference there. A RAM should produce some pretty good miles. At 200,000 miles, though , you’re pushing your luck. However, if it has been really well maintained and seems to run really well, and the price is right, it might be worth it.

What is high mileage for a 5.7 hemi?

5.7 Hemi engines are good for 250-300 000 miles and more if properly cared for and regular maintenance is carried out.

Is a 5.7 hemi worth rebuilding?

Installing a rebuilt 5.7 Hemi engine saves you money and gives you a long service compared to someone who goes for a new engine. A new engine costs almost twice what the rebuilt engine costs. However, you have the confidence that the engine is efficient, in perfect condition, and will serve you for long.

Which year Hemi is best?

2004 – 2012 are all good years for the HEMI. BTW, They sold more 03′ than any other year. I think Dodge did their homework when they built this motor.

Is a 6.4 Hemi a good engine?

Overall, the FCA 6.4 HEMI is a solid, reliable engine. It’s certainly not the most reliable engine in the world, but it’s also far ahead of the worst. We’ll give the 392 HEMI above average remarks for reliability. It’s powered many flagship Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram vehicles for nearly a decade.

How many miles will a 6.4 Hemi last?

The maximum mileage you can expect from a 6.4 V8 Hemi is anything in excess of 250 000 miles.

Are hemi engines being discontinued?

Replacing the Hemi V8 will be the GME T6 or the Global Medium Engine Turbocharged 6, a name which just rolls off the tongue. It will be used for all Stellantis Global medium platform models, which include the Dodge Challenger and Charger.

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How often should you change spark plugs in a 5.7 hemi?

Maintenance Chart — 3.6L And 5.7L

Mileage or time passed (whichever comes first) 100,000
Or Years: 10
Replace spark plugs (3.6L engine). ** X
Replace spark plugs (5.7L engine). ** X
Flush and replace the engine coolant at 10 years or 150,000 miles (240,000 km) whichever comes first. X

How many miles can a Ram 1500 last?

The Dodge Ram 1500 can last for as long as 300,000 miles with regular maintenance. Assuming you drive 15,000 miles every year, that’s 20 solid years. To achieve this eye-watering odometer reading, you have to take proper care of the truck.

How long will a Ram 1500 Hemi last?

The Dodge Ram Hemi has proved exceptional how far it can go until you have to let it go. It was built with fleet owners and hard labor in mind, so you can be sure to take it up to 300,000 miles with the best services available.

How long do Dodge Ram 1500 engines last?

So what is the maximum reliable miles you can get out of a RAM 1500? Ram 1500 pickups have proven to rack up mileage well over 300k miles without major engine or transmission repairs. There is no reason why most modern Ram 1500 engines can’t make it past 300k miles with proper preventive maintenance.