How long do inducer motors last?

Furnace inducer motors can have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. A replacement furnace inducer motor can cost around $800.

How do I know if my inducer motor is bad?

Tapping noises are one of the most common signs of a bad inducer motor. These noises may be the result of dirt or soot collecting around the fan shaft. They might also come from the bearing in the motor clicking together. Vibrating noises are another sign of a bad inducer motor.

How much does it cost to replace inducer motor?

Your furnace’s draft inducer motor removes toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the heat exchanger. The average cost to repair or replace a draft inducer motor is $200–$1,500.

What causes inducer motor failure?

Most inducer motors failures are simply attributed to the older age of the furnace. In most cases, the internal bearings wear out and since the unit is a sealed unit, there is no way to repair the original motor. Instead the unit is simply replaced with a new one.

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How much does it cost to replace a inducer motor on a Carrier furnace?

The average cost of a Carrier inducer motor replacement is between $800-$1800.

Why does my inducer motor keep running?

If your inducer fan motor keeps on running all the time, it’s most likely due to a tripped safety such as the high limit switch. It could also be due to a bad control board that is “stuck” in the on position for running the inducer fan.

How long do draft inducers last?

A: On average, you can expect a well-built inducer motor to last around 20 years.

Can I replace inducer motor myself?

professional – DIY inducer motor replacement saves $300 to $600 in labor costs but typically voids warranties. Warranty – Most furnace warranties cover parts for 5 to 10 years, but not labor.

How much is a Lennox inducer motor?

Lennox Inducer Motor Replacement Cost

The average cost of a Lennox inducer motor replacement is between $800-$1800.

How long does furnace motor last?

Even though the manufacturer states their blower motor will last two decades, we advise all clients to expect a 10-20-year life span due to age, use, and proactive maintenance.

Are inducer motors loud?

A draft inducer (or vent blower) is the most common problem on a gas furnace or boiler to cause a noticeable noise. … The small motor mounted within the housing can begin to make noise when there is buildup on the wheel (such as sulfur or creosote) or when the motor is close to the end of its usable life.

What does inducer motor do on furnace?

The inducer motor turns on and draws combustion air into the furnace. This helps to make sure the gas is burning efficiently. Next, an ignitor will either glow or spark to ignite the gas that starts flowing. This gas ignites into flames while the hot air and obnoxious gases are drawn into the heat exchanger.

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How much does a Carrier blower motor cost?

Be sure to check before you hire a serviceman. On average, a Carrier blower motor replacement costs $150-$500. If your furnace needs a new squirrel cage fan, also known as a blower wheel, then you can expect to pay a bit more, about $250-$600 total.

How long is Carrier furnace warranty?

Carrier Warranty Coverage

System or Appliance Original Owner Subsequent Owner
System or Appliance Original Owner Subsequent Owner
Oil Furnace 5–Lifetime 5–20
Small Packaged Products 5–Lifetime 5–20
Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb 90 days 90 days

What’s the most expensive part of a furnace?

The heat exchanger is what heats the air that gets circulated around your house, so it’s one of the most important components in your furnace and also one of the most expensive to repair or replace if it gets damaged, cracks, or breaks down.