Are 1A Auto Parts good?

1A Auto has a consumer rating of 3.61 stars from 353 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with 1A Auto most frequently mention great price and quality parts. 1A Auto ranks 23rd among Auto Parts sites.

Does 1A Auto sell quality parts?

1A Auto is a leading online aftermarket auto parts retailer that offers a large selection of high quality auto parts, expert US customer support, and fast and free same day shipping.

Are TRQ parts made in America?

At TRQ, we are committed to offering the highest quality, direct-fit aftermarket auto parts at affordable prices. TRQ auto parts are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, using the highest quality materials, and rigorously tested to ensure ultimate reliability and direct fit for your car or truck.

Are TRQ parts made in China?

I’m sure it’s probably a good part that was made in China, but pretty much everything is made in China now or Mexico.

Is TRQ a good company?

TRQ is a company that offers some the best-quality and direct-fit auto parts. … Dedicated to quality, precision, and performance, TRQ reviews serve as a credible guide in checking the performance and quality of their products.

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Is Moog made in China?

The correct answer: Moog is a GLOBAL brand

We had a light-bulb moment! We finally found the answer to the question, “Where are Moog parts made?” The answer: The World! Moog parts are manufactured all over the world. With a global economy comes global manufacturing, Moog is no exception.

Is RockAuto com legit?

ABSOLUTELY LEGIT. I have used them for parts for years. Even my Mechanics have been getting their parts from them. I see RockAuto boxes and magnets every shop I go into lately.

Are TRQ brake parts any good?

They are average in quality. I find that TRQ/1A are relatively acceptable in quality based on price. Unfortunately the parts themselves do not last as long, maybe 1/2 the life of oem parts.

Which auto parts are made in USA?

Top 10 Auto Parts Manufacturers in the US

  • Dana Inc. …
  • Lear. …
  • Tenneco. …
  • BorgWarner. …
  • Visteon. …
  • American Axle & Manufacturing. …
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. …
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Are any car parts made in the USA?

Three-quarters of each vehicle’s components are made in the United States or Canada. … The only automaker that builds all its American cars at a US plant is Tesla (TSLA). But even Tesla imports roughly half the parts it uses.

Are ashika parts any good?

Despite the fact that Ashika is included in the segment of manufacturers of low cost, the quality of their parts is always above average. Often compared to mark Japko – their prices are about the same, but Ashika usually has the best quality. A scrap of counterfeit products is very low.

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Where are Mevotech parts made?

The Mevotech parts are made in China (well, ok, a lot of stuff is made in China these days) but while they “kind of” fit the application, they are not an exact replacement part.

Does wheel bearing brand matter?

Does a wheel-bearing brand matter? Yes, a wheel-bearing brand does matter. A quality bearing in your vehicle will provide you with a safe and simple drive. On the other hand, a bad wheel-bearing brand can put your vehicle in serious trouble.

Are TRQ control arms any good?

The good stuff about TRQ is that they have a limited lifetime warranty. Also, they seem to hold to the industry standards when it comes to manufacture – tough steel construction, greaseable and well-fitting ball joints.

Are NSK Bearings good?

NSK is a global bearing company with over 100 years of history. It offers the highest levels of safety and Japanese quality. Genuine NSK bearings are much more cost effective than fake bearings because they last much longer and you don’t have to pay for repairs caused by failures.

Is Detroit Axle still in business?

Chrysler Detroit Axle Plant (AKA Eldon Axle) was a Chrysler automobile factory in Detroit, Michigan. The factory opened in 1917 and was purchased by Chrysler in 1928. It was expanded in 1956, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1998, 2000, and 2001. The factory closed in 2010.