When should I move the car seat strap up?

When the straps come so far below the shoulders that they slip off, you need to raise them to the next slot level. Note that many convertible seats have 3 slots for shoulder straps–the lowest two for rear-facing and the top one for forward-facing only.

Should car seat straps be above or below shoulders?

Use the Correct Harness Slots

On rear-facing car seats, the shoulder straps should come through the car seat slots at or just BELOW your child’s shoulders. On forward-facing seats, the shoulder straps should be at or just ABOVE the shoulders.

How tight should car seat straps be?

Pull the harness snug to your child’s body – the straps should be tight enough that you can just slip two fingers flat between your child’s body and their collar bones.

Should you put the car seat handle down while driving?

We’ve collected rules and restrictions on the most common car seats for you! “The handle must be up because it protects the baby in a rollover crash.” … Some car seats have designed the handle to act as a rebound control, but certainly not all of them. “The handle must be down because that is how it locks into place.”

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Where should buckle be on car seat?

Proper Strap Position: The shoulder straps must be emerging from the back of the seat at or just below your child’s shoulders, as seen in this photo. If you can see the slot where the straps are emerging from the car seat, the straps are too high and must be lowered.

How long should your child be in a 5 point harness?

NHTSA recommends children remain in a forward-facing car seat with a 5-point harness until the child reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by the seat. At which time, the child can move into a belt positioning device. A belt positioning device should properly position the seat belt on the child.

How do I know if my car seat straps are too tight?

The harness is tight enough when you can’t pinch any webbing between your fingers at the child’s shoulder. Last, position the chest clip at the child’s armpit level.

What happens when car seat straps are too loose?

You don’t want it digging into the child’s body, making it uncomfortable for them. What can happen: Loose harness straps leave your child at an elevated risk of injury during a crash because they may allow your child to move out of position; they can even lead to ejection from the child seat during a crash.

Why does my baby cry when in the car seat?

Many car seat-crying babies we see in our office have a tightness in their hips or mid-back. This can cause them discomfort in a car seat because they can’t bend easily. The seat position puts pressure on their tight vertebrae and those associated muscles and it just plain hurts. After some adjustments, viola!

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Should an infant car seat move up and down?

It shouldn’t move more than one inch in any direction. If it does, it’s not installed tightly enough.

Is it okay to hose down a car seat?

Don’t drench it with a hose.

Drenching a car seat with water can cause rust to form in the parts along the underside of the seat, which can reduce the seat’s effectiveness in a crash.