Quick Answer: Are all e40d transmissions the same?

Any gasser E4OD will work. It’s the diesel that is different. Stick with the later stuff if you can. 97 has the most updates.

Are all e40d transmissions interchangeable?

While almost identical on the exterior, not all parts are interchangeable between these two units, so care must be exercised to insure compatibility.

What does a e40d transmission fit?

Ford E4OD Automatic Transmission

The E4OD transmission was introduced in 1989 and used in the Ford F series until 1998. Additionally, it was used in the 97-98 Ford Expedition, 90-96 Ford Bronco, and 89-98 Ford E series.

When did Ford stop using the E4OD?

The Ford E4OD and 4R100 four-speed automatic transmissions were basically the same exact transmission, just with different names. The Ford E4OD transmission was updated in 1998 to the newer 4R100. Both the E4OD and 4R100 were electronically controlled transmissions, replacing the C6’s hydraulic-controlled system.

Will a E4OD interchange with a 4R100?

The E4OD PCM won’t have any problems controlling the 4R100. Just leave the speed sensors in the 4R100 case to plug the holes. You don’t need to connect them because the E4Od computer isn’t capable of reading them.

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How much HP can a stock E4OD handle?

As long as the 7.3L Power Stroke goes unmodified, the factory E4OD will generally live a while. Although, it can still be killed at the stock 210 hp and 425 lb-ft level with heavy abuse.

How can you tell the difference between EOD and E4OD?

The E4OD is an automatic tranny with overdrive. The main difference from the AOD automatic overdrive tranny is that the E4OD shift points are controlled by the computer or ECM , while the AOD is not. It is controlled by shift linkage from the motor.

Does VIN number tell your transmission?

For many makes, the VIN is always enough information to determine transmission.

Which Ford transmission do I have?

Current Owners. You can find your vehicle’s transmission on your window sticker. It will be listed under Vehicle Description on top of the window sticker.

How many gears are in a e40d transmission?

An unusual feature of the E4OD is the shifter pattern, which is P-R-N-OD-2-1. In the (D) range, the transmission shifts through all four gears.

Are all 4R75E transmissions the same?

Functionally, the 4R75E and 4R75W are the same. The letter on the end of the transmission specification changed depending on the vehicle the transmission was put in; however, both the 4R75E and 4R75W will do the job well.

How much does an E4OD weigh?

Ford E4OD Transmission Specs

Transmission: Ford E4OD
Weight: ~ 270 lbs w/ torque converter
ATF Type/Spec: Ford MERCON V automatic transmission fluid
Transmission Filter P/N: 2WD applications Motorcraft FT-113
4WD applications Motorcraft FT-114
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How do I know what transmission is in my truck?

Another way is to crawl under the vehicle and look for part numbers. Using a good flashlight, look for part numbers stamped into the transmission pan or the transmission itself. Your local auto part store or dealer will be able to cross-reference the numbers to determine the kind of transmission the part belongs to.

How much does an Allison 1000 weight?

Allison 1000 Transmission Specs

Transmission: Allison 1000
Max Input Torque: 2008 – 2009 models 660 lb-ft
2010 – 2016 models 765 lb-ft
Max Shift Speed: 3,300 rpm (w/ Duramax diesel)
Weight: ~ 330 lbs dry, 356 lbs with ATF

Is the 4R100 a good transmission?

The 4R100 is a computer controlled 4-speed automatic with a 1,000 lb-ft capacity from the factory. … However, like any high-mile automatic transmission, your 4R100 is sure to have some wear that should be addressed before you pump more power through it. Though it’s a good transmission, the 4R100 can be made be better.