How much power does a PT 127 engine produce?

The power rating was increased from 2,750 shaft horsepower (2,050 kilowatts) in the PW127 to 4,920 shp (3,670 kW) in the PW150, although the engine was thermodynamically capable of 6,500–7,500 shp (4,800–5,600 kW). At the 2021 Dubai Air Show, Pratt & Whitney Canada introduced the PW127XT (extended-time-on-wing) series.

Why is the PT6 so popular?

There are good reasons why the PT6A design is a success. Far simpler than the large radial engines it was built to replace, the engine has a high power-to-weight ratio, for one thing. Its reverse-flow, free-turbine arrangement is even more significant.

What does PT6 stand for?

PT6 is a turboprop aircraft engine that stands for Pratt and Whitney Canada. Pratt and Whitney Canada originally produced the PT6 in 1956 when the president of PWC ordered his engineers to create a turboprop engine designed to replace piston engines.

How many PT6 engines have been made?

Since the PT6A family entered service in the 1960s, more than 41,000 engines have been produced. To date, the PT6A has accumulated 335 million flying hours and is therefore a highly proven and durable engine.

Are turboprops more efficient than turbofans?

Turboprops are most efficient and perform best at low altitude and airspeeds up to Mach 0.6 in most cases whereas turbofans are most efficient at high altitudes and are speed limited by their intake design. Turboprops and turbofans are independent solutions for independent design goals and problems.

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What planes use PT6A?


  • PT6A-114A. Cessna 208/208B Caravan I.
  • PT6A-11AG. Air Tractor AT 402A/402B. …
  • PT6A-135A. Beechcraft King Air F90-1/C90GT/C90GTi/C90GTx. …
  • PT6A-15AG. Air Tractor AT 402A/402B. …
  • PT6A-21. Beechcraft King Air C90A/B/SE. …
  • PT6A-25C. Embraer EMB-312 Tucano. …
  • PT6A-27. Beechcraft 99A. …
  • PT6A-34. Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110.

How does a PT6A engine work?

The PT6A is a two-shaft engine with a multi-stage compressor driven by a single-stage compressor turbine and an independent shaft coupling the power turbine to the propeller through an epicyclic concentric reduction gearbox.

How much horsepower does a PT6 have?

The PT6C is a 1600 to 2300 horsepower (1190 to 1720 kW) engine for helicopters and tiltrotors.

How much fuel does a PT6 burn?

The turbine inlet temperature inside the engine goes to almost 2,000 degrees F within 30 seconds of start. You are burning about 26 gallons per hour here, at idle.

How fast does a turboprop plane fly?

Turboprop engines are most efficient at speeds between 250 and 400 mph and altitudes between 18,000 and 30,000 feet. They also perform well at the slow speeds required for takeoff and landing and are fuel efficient.

Do turboprops create thrust?

The turboprop uses a gas turbine core to turn a propeller. Propellers develop thrust by moving a large mass of air through a small change in velocity. Propellers are very efficient and can use nearly any kind of engine to turn the prop. … The gear box is then connected to a propeller that produces most of the thrust.

Do turboprops use jet fuel?

The two kinds of fuel most commonly used in General Aviation are Jet fuel and Avgas. … Many modern turboprop planes also run on Jet fuel, as they feature engines with a gas turbine which power their propellers.

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Are turboprops cheaper than jets?

Generally speaking, turboprops are much more economical than jets. Here are some takeaways on the costs to charter a turboprop vs jet: Understand that shorter flights may be more economical on a turboprop.