Can transmission hose be used as fuel hose?

If it’s rated for oil or tranny fluid or hydraulic fluid it should be fine for diesel. I’ve used hydraulic hose for diesel in my boat and it is fine.

Can I use fuel hose for transmission line?

Fuel line hose isn’t up to the pressures normally associated with automatic transmissions. Use the proper stuff. If that thing splits or blows loose and hoses down any portion of your exhaust system hot enough to ignite it, your truck could end up burned to the ground.

Does a fuel hose have to be a special hose?

So, if your vehicle is fuel injected, you need fuel injection hose. If you have a vehicle manufactured before 1984, a small engine like a lawn tractor or generator, or any other kind of engine with a carburetor, you can use standard fuel hose.

What kind of hose is fuel safe?

When you need abrasion resistance, go with PTFE hose. This is available with a black PVC cover or stainless steel cover. The inner liner is PTFE while the stainless steel outer (if you choose that) is 308 stainless steel braid. This hose is good for fuel systems including nitromethane and alcohol.

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What is the difference between fuel hose and heater hose?

They hoses are made the same, but the sizes are real difference. Heater hose is generally ½, 5/8, and ¾-inch in diameter. … Coolant hose is not safe for fuel. Coolant hoses can be formed or loose spooled.

Can you use rubber hoses on transmission lines?

You can use rubber hose, but make sure it’s transmission cooler line rated. The pressure is quite low (12-15 psi). Double clamp it or use FI type clamps instead of the worm-drive style.

How much pressure is in a transmission line?

During normal operation, its about 150 and the return line around 50 psi.

What can be used as fuel line?

The best solution is a material called PTFE. That stands for polytetrafluoroethylene—a plastic material that is best known as Teflon in one specific variation. This material is impervious to the degenerative effects of fuel that also creates a vapor barrier so fuel vapors cannot leak past.

Can clear vinyl hose be used for gasoline?

Yes. Should you. Depending on the application, probably not. I’ve used clear tubing when troubleshooting small equipment, but otherwise I always use (rubber) fuel line that actually says fuel line on it for permanent repairs.

What is the best material for fuel lines?

The best fuel line material depends on your needs. However, the best material for fuel lines is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. PTFE fuel line is made of plastic material specifically known as Teflon. This fuel line material is impervious is resistant to the degenerative fuel effects which could form vapor barriers.

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What can I use for a diesel fuel line?

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) recommends the Type B1 fuel hose for diesel-based applications. The Type A1 hose is the best option for gasoline supply. This hose is less permeable, highly durable, heat resistant and does not collapse under high pressure or vacuum.

Can radiator hose be used for fuel?

Most auto parts reps will try to talk you into using radiator hose for fuel tank hose. This is not something you want to do. This radiator hose will deteriorate quickly. Another option is to use metal tubing sections and elbows and use a short section of fuel filler hose to connect the tubing using hose clamps.

Can heater hose be used for fuel vent hose?

As you suspected, heater hose and fuel are not compatible. Change it out asap. The fuel will eat the rubber and contaminate your fuel system.

Will silicone hose hold up to gasoline?

The simple answer is no, standard silicone hoses are porous and therefore not suitable for oil or fuel.

Can you use heater hose as vacuum hose?

dun4791 said: It will be fine, it wont collapse the heater hose, the heater hose is actually better hose than the vacuum hose is.